our story

"why are you so dressed up?"



For as long as I can remember that question has followed me. My answers ranged widely as I grew up, but a personal favorite became: “Well it’s [insert day of the week here], so why aren’t you?"

My passion for overdressing led to a dream job designing for Kate Spade and a chance to live in NYC.  But when coronavirus challenged the fashion industry in 2020, I, like so many others, lost that dream job. Six months later, I had created a new dream - a collection of my own, rooted in all things feminine and sparkly.

MAE was born out of a need to reevaluate my contribution to the fashion industry, a desire to still add color to the world and a willingness to prioritize ethical business practices. It is an expression of my own style – classic, colorful, playful and nostalgia-tinted; always with a wink and a nod to the unexpected.

I invite you to grab a cocktail and your favorite outfit – let’s get dressed up together.